Daedalus D-Day 70th - Donations

Daedalus D-Day 70th is a unique community commemoration project. You or your organisation may also help create as fitting a tribute as possible.

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Donations to Daedalus D-Day 70th Commemoration

and Memorial Airborne Invasion

The foundation of the Daedalus D-Day Commemoration is community spirit; people and organisations contributing what services and time they can to create a unique and very special D-Day 70th Commemoration. Financial donations are also vital elements of the commemoration, given the funded items such as insurance, fuel, facilities hire, fees, phyiscal display materials catering, servicing - must still be financed.

Responses to this Commemoration Project from local communities businesses and local authorities have been fantastic, enabling good progress toward a target of £50,000 in goods and services in kind and donations needed to make the commemoration happen.

The project team is extremely grateful to the organisations who have confirmed their contribution to the commemoration fund, managed using a dedicated account by the lead organisation Lee Flying Association.

Sponsorships and donations for logistical, catering, facility, transport, and support required to host the visiting invasion participants, veterans and school-children are still needed. Aviation fuel up to 5,000 litres of AVGAS is needed to enable many Dakota and WW2 Daedalus D-Day aircraft to participate.

Sponsorships are invited by the Lee Flying Association. If you or your organisation would like to offer sponsorships of your services to become a Daedalus D-Day 70th Commemoration Sponso please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or donate using the buttons below. Thank You!

 The balance of any project funds will be presented to the Royal British Legion - which supports servicepeople and their widows/widowers of all generations.


I want to help and and choose my own contribution!

Many thanks!

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LFALinkLogoSmall   LEE FLYING ASSOCIATION (LFA) is leading the UK element of this International D-Day 70th Commemoration having proposed a 2014 Cross-channel Memorial Airborne Invasion formation flight originating from Daedalus Aerodrome, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire.  LFA have invited the Round Canopy Parachute Team (RCPT) to gather the parachutists and WW2 veteran aircraft participating in their "Dakotas Over Normandy" 2014 project at Lee-on-Solent and to launch Memorial Airborne Invasion parachute drop to Normandy on the 4th June, 2014.

 LFA Chairman Mr Jon Butts has formed the "Daedalus D-Day 70th" project team of LFA members, local organisations, volunteers and sponsors. The poject team is preparing to host the Memorial Airbone Invasion participants overnight on the 2nd & 3rd June - organised by Lee-on-Solent Residents Association's Jock Thompson and hold a public Memorial Service on the evening of the 3rd June organised by Pat Prior of the Royal British Legion, prior to the first cross-channel formation Dakota air-drop since WW2, delivering parachutists to a D-Day 70th Memorial Commemoration in Normandy on 4th June 2014.

 The Project Team logo reflects the parachute and glider airborne invasions which commenced on the 5th June 1944 ahead of the seaborne assault. British and Canadian forces landed north of Caen to secure the east flank of the 50 mile invasion beachhead; the Americans secured the west flank on the Cherbourg Peninisla. The Spitfire represents all those that flew and supported 435 D-Day missions flown from Daedalus. The first two aircraft over the beaches at dawn were Spitfires from Lee - the busiest south coast airfield engaged in battle on D-Day.

 RCPT-logo-for-web  ROUND CANOPY PARACHUTE TEAM (RCPT)  is a leading international civilian parachute team specialising in memorial parachute drops using round canopy parachuties at commemorations such as those held on Normandy (D-Day) and in the Netherlands (Arnhem).  In 2014 the RCPT have a very ambitious goal - the largest commemorative air-drop under round canopies from the largest formation of Dakota air transport aircraft gathered in Europe since WW2.
 Accommodation is needed Daedalus Lee-On-Solent local area for up to 200 Memorial Airborne Invasion parachutists and air/ground crew on the night of 2nd and 3rd June



D-Day 70th Commemoration team member the Lee-on-Solent Branch of the Royal British Legion is the lead organisation for the public D-Day 70th Memorial Service. This will be held at the seafront War Memorial opposite Pier St on the evening of 3rd June.  An estimated 1000-1200  attendees are anticipated. The RBL team are working closely with Gosport Borough Council's Safety Action Group. If your organisation would like to participate or assist, perhap laying a wreath please contact the Branch directly or send an email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Crest

The Royal Air Force has confirmed that at least one of the aircraft from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will make a Memorial Flypast at the conclusion of the seafront D-Day 70th Memorial Service on the evening of 3rd June.

Royal Air Force Air Traffic Control personnel based at the Swanwick NATS Centre plan to provide uniformed RAF representation at the Memorial Service.


(A bid for a flypast by the The Royal Navy Historic Flight has also been submitted by the project team, we await the outcome).